Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swap Cards

These are just a couple of cards I've been working on. I'm just learning to stamp so these are among my first attemps but I'm happy with them. I'm at least encouraged enough to keep trying instead of giving up stamping like I have in the past.


  1. love the cards Cheri. You did a great job... first time, are you sure? Vi

  2. OMG, are these for the Stamp 2 Lose card swap #5? I used the same border punch for one of my female b/day cards for the same swap, and the card is black and white too! Too funny! Then, will it come as a surprise when I say that your cards are great! 1st attempt or not...they're perfect.


  3. Those are very nice. Which swap?? I love the black white and red! Very nice!!
    Keep up the good work!!