Friday, April 30, 2010

Speed Scrap - April 30, 2010

Well here is my end result from the Speed Scrap. I know I tweeked the instructions a bit but...well you know how it is! I love speed scraps but oh do I feel the pressure!! :o)

Here are the instructions:
#1 - Choose 1 Picture and 3 papers, 2 plain and 1 patterned.
#2 - Layer the 3 papers with the patterned paper sandwiched between the 2 plain.
#3 - Put the picture in one corner of the top paper with a textural item underneath: glitter, mesh or bead spill type thing.
#4 - Attach the picture to the paper with the fastener of your choice, stitches, staples, clips etc.
#5 - Add a feature element, just one, in a different corner than the picture.
#6 - Add a small cluster in the corner with the picture. Between the picture and the edge of the paper.Also add 1 or 2 ribbons or ricrac somehow touching your picture.
#7 - Give your layout a title, journal, date

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Create a Critter Cuts

I finally took the time to grab a few scraps of paper I had laying around and tried out my Create a Critter cart. These are the ones that worked with the paper colors I had and I think they turned out pretty cute. Note: these are all cut at 3 inch yet look at the difference in size. I'll never understand the sizing on Cricut cartridges!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Explosion Box

This is a VERY cute Explosion Box that my sister made for me. She did a fabulous job! I'm going to add photos of my grandson and put it on my desk. Thanks Sis! :o)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Cards

These are a couple of simple Easter cards that I put together on the quick. I had two days to make 20 cards and finished them just in time doing them in a assembly line fashion. Next time I start early!

Inchie Swap

So here is my inchie for the swap! I made a few extras to use on cards for Easter because I liked how they turned out. This type of swap is very challenging for me. I never thought I could create anything on a inch square but I did it. Hope to do another one very soon. :o)