Friday, August 21, 2009

Speed Scrap ~ August 21, 2009

My very first Speed Scrap, I felt the pressure!!! Seriously, I was sweating!! This is the result for all to see!

Here are the directions:

1- Choose 1 photo where the subject is not looking at the camera but is focused on an object/person/thing that is also in the picture.

2- Choose 5 papers- at least one patterned to be used as your background.

3- Cut 2 skinny strips and 2 thicker strips from the other papers about 10-11" long.

4- Layer the strips behind your photo and frame or mat your picture.

5- Toss in a ribbon of some sort, as well as a staple. Use a button and a tag of some kind, too. If no staples are available, tack the ribbon down with and eyelet or brad.

6- Add a title- at least one word of the title needs to refer to the item/person/thing that the subject of the photo is looking at.

7- Add a date, journaling, and any last minute embellishments.


  1. ohhhhh sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!! Terrific job on the LO!!!

  2. How sweet!! I LOVE the way it turned out! Great job!!