Friday, August 28, 2009

~Speed Scrap Time Again~

Okay I didn't feel as much pressure as my first one but I'm still learning. This page will go in my travel album with the pages from my Albuquerque trip. These are the states we passed through to get to our destination and then back home.
The instructions were as follows:

Step 1~ Pick 3 pictures
Step2~ pick 3 papers any combo of patterned and plain is fine
Step 3~ Put one paper as your background and cut the other 2 into long strips one each
Step 4~ Mat your pictures.
Step 5~ Place your pictures going down the middle of your LO. Doesn't have to be directly centered, but they need to go down vertically. Pictures can be different sizes if you want and you can tilt them if you want
Step 6~ Place your strips, one ribbon(sting, ric rac etc) some buttons and flowers clustered under your pictures
Step 7~ Add a title, some journaling and any other elements you think your LO needs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Speed Scrap ~ August 21, 2009

My very first Speed Scrap, I felt the pressure!!! Seriously, I was sweating!! This is the result for all to see!

Here are the directions:

1- Choose 1 photo where the subject is not looking at the camera but is focused on an object/person/thing that is also in the picture.

2- Choose 5 papers- at least one patterned to be used as your background.

3- Cut 2 skinny strips and 2 thicker strips from the other papers about 10-11" long.

4- Layer the strips behind your photo and frame or mat your picture.

5- Toss in a ribbon of some sort, as well as a staple. Use a button and a tag of some kind, too. If no staples are available, tack the ribbon down with and eyelet or brad.

6- Add a title- at least one word of the title needs to refer to the item/person/thing that the subject of the photo is looking at.

7- Add a date, journaling, and any last minute embellishments.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick Cards from ITT Swap

As it turned out I needed two cards quickly this morning and ran to my ITT's from the swap to make them happen. Thank you gals for your wonderful ITT's, they are so cute and were a life saver for me today. The friends who received the cards were very pleased with them and raved about your talents. THANKS AGAIN!